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Absolute Science is an amazingly fun and educational program aimed at children of all ages to become engaged in the world of science through our demonstrations and experiments. We offer a fun, interactive live program as well as an array of exciting "Reaction Stations" where kids make and take awesome experiments.

A rocket inside of a circle


Absolute Science offers four different shows to cover all your educational needs. These shows are 45 minutes long with multiple experiments done throughout the time. We ask for audience participation and will leave you amazed! Learn more about our shows by clicking here.

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Reaction Stations

If you want a more hands-on approach to learning for your students at heart, then our Reaction Stations are perfect for you. Each station covers a key concept in science while students are having fun building and creating. Everyone is engaged in learning while they create a take home project.

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Hands-On Discovery Stations

If you want a hands-on option that is low key our Hands on Discovery Stations are perfect. They can fit just about anywhere and allows students to explore scientific concepts at their own calling.

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Spice up your next event with Absolute science. We can adapt any show to fit your need.

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