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About Absolute Science

Absolute Science began to debut programs in the fall of 2016 and has literally taken off like a rocket. Performing over 150 shows and workshops the first year, the momentum has not stopped growing. Schools, libraries, state and county fairs, private and public events, Science fairs and expos, Halloween and other themed shows, birthday parties and the list goes on and on. Our programs are full of interaction with the audience and our science staff that will motivate you to learn more.

Absolute Science started to become a reality when founder “Rick Eugene” Brammer started pulling several of his friends together and working as a team created an amazing and exciting business of science shows and workshops. As a busy comedy magician for over 20 years Rick knew the science programs had to have high energy, audience participation and most importantly leaving the kids at the show wanting to learn more after they leave. We bring some of the coolest experiments to every program and lots FUN.

Static electricity experiment with balloons and light fixtures Children touching van de graaff generator on newscast

We have several choices to fit your needs:
School Demonstrations
Library Events
Birthday Parties
Country and State Fairs
Corporate Events
Public Events